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Kubernetes Operators PDF 下载
发布于:2023-11-21 10:27:36

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Custom Resources
CRs, as extensions of the Kubernetes API, contain one or more fields, like a native
resource, but are not part of a default Kubernetes deployment. CRs hold structured
data, and the API server provides a mechanism for reading and setting their fields as
you would those in a native resource, by using kubectl or another API client. Users
define a CR on a running cluster by providing a CR definition. A CRD is akin to a
schema for a CR, defining the CR’s fields and the types of values those fields contain.
CR or CongMap?
Kubernetes provides a standard resource, the ConfigMap (, for
making configuration data available to applications. ConfigMaps seem to overlap
with the possible uses for CRs, but the two abstractions target different cases.
ConfigMaps are best at providing a configuration to a program running in a pod on
the cluster—think of an application’s config file, like httpd.conf or MySQL’s mysql.cnf.
Applications usually want to read such configuration from within their pod, as a file
or the value of an environment variable, rather than from the Kubernetes API.