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The Kubernetes Book PDF 下载
发布于:2023-11-22 10:20:45

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3: Installing Kubernetes
In this chapter, we’ll take a look at some of the ways to
install and get started with Kubernetes.
We’ll look at:
Play with Kubernetes (PWK)
Using Minikube to install Kubernetes on a laptop
Installing Kubernetes in the Google Cloud with the
Google Container Engine (GKE)
Installing Kubernetes on AWS using the kops tool
Installing Kubernetes manually using kubeadm
Two things to point out before diving in…
Firstly, there are a lot more ways to install Kubernetes. The
options I’ve chosen for this chapter are the ones I think will
be most useful.
Secondly, Kubernetes is a fast-moving project. This means
some of what we’ll discuss here will change. But don’t
worry, I’m keeping the boo up-to-date, so nothing will be
Play with Kubernetes
Play with Kubernetes (PWK) is a web-based Kubernetes
playground that you can use for free. All you need is a web
browser and an internet connection. It is the fastest, and
easiest, way to get your hands on Kubernetes.
Let’s see what it looks like.